BEM Expertise

Bureau d’Expertise Multiservices

We offer cargo claims management services, inspections, security
organisations, certifications, cargo inventories and container controls.
Our specialty is the securing of goods in transport and storage against
damage, theft and malicious acts. The safety of your goods is our

Who are we ?

  • Former military personnel advised by a lawyer in meeting clients’ expectations
  • Company créated by Yann Henry in 2013
  • Situated in the 1st department of
    Marseille in front of the Grandes
    Halles d’Estienne-d’Orves

Our offer

  • Quantitative and qualitative
    controls of goods, approved by
  • Handling of merchandise claims
    on various categories of goods
  • Securing goods. Assistance in
    bringing your installations and
    logistics operations up to TAPA
    standards, Security audits.

How to contact us ?

+33(0)4 91 37 02 31

27 Cours Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves 13001 Marseille


Cargo claims handling

We can provide advice on preventive and emergency measures to be taken in order to mitigate the loss, the preservation of rights of recovery, quantification of loss, legal analysis, liability assessment, investigations and combating insurance fraud.

Categories of goods and cargoes concerned

  • Raw materials
  • Retail goods
  • Industrial and manufactured goods
  • Personal effects, removals and goods in storage
  • Luxury goods and artwork
  • Hazardous materials and dangerous goods transported under the 1957 ADR Treaty
  • Perishable goods, fruit and vegetables carried under controlled temperatures
  • Machine tools and buiding machinery
  • Packaged goods

Types of losses handled

  • Damage to goods in transit
  • Damage to goods in handling
  • Damage to goods in storage / warehouse
  • Voluntary damage / vandalism to moveable assets
  • Theft and fraud
  • Damage during Temperature-controlled voyages

Types of insurance policies involved

  • Ad Valorem insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Voyage policies and open risk policies
  • Floating or open policies
  • Vehicle fleet insurance
  • Umbrella and particular risk policies
  • Third-party shippers
  • Theft, fire and voluntary damage/vandalism

Types of transport

  • National et International trips
  • Road transport
  • Sea transport
  • Rail transport
  • River transport
  • Air transport

Inspections, verifications, certification and inventories

  • Quantity surveys and certification of goods for the Maghreb market
  • Quality surveys and certification of goods for the Maghreb market
  • Compliance monitoring and certification of goods for the Maghreb market
  • Inspections and certification for bank letter of credit for the Algerian market
  • Inspections and verifications of goods on demand
  • Approval inspections
  • Verification of warehouse stock
  • Inventories

Cargo securing

  • Auditing and consulting in relation to the safety and security of storage and warehousing installations
  • Verification of security methods and security devices installed on storage and warehousing installations
  • Assessment and risk-prevention plans for storage and warehousing installations
  • Real-time monitoring of heavy loads and sensitive cargoes
  • Real-time monitoring of sensitive goods and military equipment
  • Monitoring of handling operations during transhipment of cargoes
  • Verification of stowage and lashing operations, stowage of cargoes carried and heavy loads
  • Theft and fraud prevention

Why choosing us

Where we do operate

  • South-West, South East France, Auvergne, Rhône-Alpes, with surveyors based in Marseille and Lyon
  • Britanny and Loire Valley, with a surveyor based in Saint Nazaire
  • Abroad if/when necessary
  • We have a national / global network of experts specialised in defence and security

When and how to contact us

  • By telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A duty surveyor can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Via DARVA (digital services platform for the insurance business)
  • Our office is open every day from 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs
  • Your assignments may be sent by email, telephone and via the DARVA platform
  • We will reply with our feasibility within 12 hours
  • A status position on the case, or completion of the assignment will be provided in emergency
  • A certificate or report in digital format will be provided within 24 hrs

A few key dates


1985 – Establishment of Cabinet d’Expertise sur Facultés Patrick BENOIT


2013 – Establishment of SARL Benoit Expertise Multimodale – BEM & Cie


2018 – Establishment of EURL Bureau d’Expertise Multiservices – BEM Expertise

The history of our company

The firm of BEM EXPERTISES, BUREAU D’EXPERTISE MULTISERVICES, formerly BENOIT EXPERTISE MULTIMODALE, is the successor to the original cargo surveying firm founded by Patrick BENOIT. Initially specialised in the inspection and quality assessment of hides and skins which was the speciality of the founder, Patrick BENOIT, in 1985, the company has long since extended its activity to a wide range of surveys and inspections of cargoes of all types.

Yann HENRY joined the firm in 2013 when he established the company BEM MULTIMODALE which he has been sole Director of since October 2018, having considerably expanded the types of surveys on offer.
Located in the centre of the city of Marseille, the offices allow for a direct and rapid access not only to the Commercial Port of Marseille itself, but also to the road links serving the areas North, East and West of Marseille.

About us

BEM Expertise is above all a human adventure, a company which has always relied for its growth and its expertise on a team of men and women working together with a common goal to satisfy our clients. The members of our team have backgrounds and experience in the legal community, in insurance surveying and in national defence. Our assets are our meticulousness, our availability and our reactivity.


Manager and Senior Cargo Surveyor, Reserve Officer


Assistant Cargo Surveyor and Reserve NCO

Florence HUBERT

Assistant Claims Handler

Sandrine BAYARD

Legal Advisor

Our team, composed of former reservists or employees of the original firm founded by Patrick BENOIT, certified CESAM and specialised in the inspection and assessment of hides and skins, is focussed on responding to the specific requirements of our clients, whether this is a particular field of survey, or because of the large volume of assignments we receive.

Our partners

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+33(0)4 91 37 02 31

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27 Cours Honoré d’Estienne d’Orves
13001 Marseille